Join the coins, get to the Bitcoin and win
$2 !!!

No deposit, No registration, just play & earn
New Game

How to play: Use your arrow keys to move the coins. When two similar coins collide, they merge into one!

* We pay with BNB(Binance coin). Please prepare a valid BNB(Binance coin) address so we can pay you in case you win.

Bonus tier: If you reach to the Litecoin, you get a bonus for your jackpot. Here is the full tier list:

  • First 5 times you reach Litecoin you get $0.01
  • Next 10 times you reach Litecoin you get $0.02
  • Next 50 times you reach Litecoin you get $0.03
* You can have only one bonus per game.

Current jackpot: $2

📢 Refer a friend: Tell your family & friends about Crypto Collide, and earn crypto when they win. You will earn 100% of their win!

  • So if they earn $2, you will receive $2 as well.
  • The cookie is valid for 6 months! So if they win during this time period you will still get paid!

How to participate? Use the following link format:

So for example, if your BNB address is 0x140499693eCCd89382DB, this is the link you should be using:

Coin Legend:

Stratis coin (0.5 points)

BNB coin (1 point)

Stellar Lumens coin (2 points)

Zcash coin (4 points)

Cardano coin (8 points)

Chainlink coins (16 points)

Quarter (25 points) - These quarters are good for nothing. Collide them to make them go away!

Monero coin (32 points)

Uniswap coin (64 points)

Litecoin (128 points)

Ripple coin (256 points)

IOTA coin (512 points)

Ethereum coin (1024 points)

Bitcoin (2048 points)

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